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Solicitor Support Services
1. What is PSC Solicitor Support Services

This is a service designed for solicitors who are engaged in administering Estates. We offer a wide range of support services for you to choose from.
Our Services include:

2. Our services include

Share Dealing
  • Investigation for unknown stock holdings and collection of lost dividend cheques.
  • Organisation of Estate holdings including overseas portfolios.
  • Transfers to beneficiaries or Sale of shareholdings.
  • Notification of death to the relevant registrar(s).
  • Valuation of shareholdings at date of death and key valuation dates.
  • Ensure certificate validity or validation of holdings.
Wealth Management
  • Advice on transfer or surrender options for Pensions, Approved Retirement Funds & Investments within the Estate.
  • Expert investment advice.
 Taxation Services
  • Preparation of CAT returns
  • Advice on CAT reliefs and exemptions
  • Calculation of CGT liabilities
  • Obtaining “letter of no audit” (safeguard against potential claims by the Revenue Commissioners)
  • Preparation of Income Tax Returns for the Estate and the Deceased
  • Advice on Income Tax and CGT reliefs and exemptions
3. Why Use PSC Solicitor Support Services
  • Reassurance that a thorough search for shareholdings has been undertaken and recovery of lost dividends for the Estate.
  • Provision of backup and support from our expert Tax Professionals, Accountants and Financial Consultants.
  • A facility to easily sell or transfer shares for the Estate.
  • A dedicated team providing you with a personalised and comprehensive service.
  • Fast and efficient turnaround
  • A wide range of services to choose from
  • Availability at all times to give advice over the phone or email