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Investment brokers Kerry
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Investment brokers Ireland

  • The level of experience you have to date of investing money is a good barometer of the type of investment you should now consider.
  • Attitude to Risk: What level of risk are you willing to accept to your capital investment? If the economic crash has highlighted anything to investors, it is that values really can fall as well as rise!
  • Expectation of returns: What is your objective for this investment? Capital preservation or capital growth? Your investment is then tailored towards achieving this goal.
  • Term: We advise a minimum 5 year term for investments
  • Charges & Fees: PSC Wealth Plus will disclose all charges and fees to you at the outset in a transparent and clear manner.
  • Fund Selection: Your investment portfolio is designed specifically for you, reflecting your objectives for the investment, your risk/return profile and requirement for access to the money.
  • Review Regularly: We recommend our clients review their investments at least once a year.We are happy to email you updates on your investment as regularly as you wish and are available to review / alter your portfolio as often as needed. 

Speak to our Investment Experts to discuss your options. We will ensure that your investment choice is aligned with your attitude to risk as well as your requirement for return.